Cameron 2010-3Welcome to MeierMovies, by Cameron Meier, the site for people who like to watch movies and LOVE to rate them. It’s the most detailed, list-loving film site you will ever see!

Here you will find rankings and ratings of nearly 3,000 theatrically released feature films from 1911 to today, and more than 600 shorts dating back to the dawn of cinema in 1888. You will also find something that no other site offers: ALL those films in order of quality, starting with the top 200 movies ranked in order and ending with the worst two dozen or so of all time, all rated in quarter-star increments. In addition, don’t miss the unique chronological list, which ranks the REAL best films of each year, not what the Academy told us were the best. But before you do anything, please visit the Introduction, which will give you insight into the process, how films are judged and which films are eligible.


Cameron at the London Film Museum in 2012

Of course, all of this is the opinion of just one guy: Me, Cameron Meier. So before you get too deep into this site, you should probably find out why the heck you should be listening to me in the first place. For that, click Who is Cameron Meier? In brief, I’ve been a film critic for more than a decade and am currently reviewing movies exclusively for The Orlando Weekly, Folio Weekly and The San Antonio Current. (This site offers most of my old film reviews, plus some art and theatre critiques, too.) Also please note that most of the movie lists are in PDF form. If you can’t view them, you can download Adobe PDF reader for free here.

Before wishing you well on your journey through this site, I offer you an introduction to myself and my take on cinema: my interviews with Charles Fleischer for the 25th anniversary Blu-ray release of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and with Paul Sorvino at the 2014 Florida Film Festival. Listen and enjoy!