‘In a Manner of Speaking’ podcast

Since 2018, I have co-produced the popular In a Manner of Speaking podcast with my father, Paul Meier. The podcast addresses all topics related to the spoken word but places a strong emphasis on cinema, accents, dialects and performance in general. Go here to explore the episodes, or look for the podcast on your favorite podcast channel or index.

I have co-hosted six episodes:

July 2024 (Episode 78): Transatlantic and Old Movie Dialects, with Barrie Kreinik
June 2024 (Episode 77): A Unique Path to Film and TV Success, with Lukas Hassel
December 2020 (Episode 35): The First Sound Recordings, with Patrick Feaster
October 2019 (Episode 21): Movie Dialects
July 2018 (Episode 6): A Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of IDEA!
May 2018 (Episode 4): The Art of the Newscaster and Broadcast Journalist