Travel Cam

by Cameron Meier

Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain, Maine

If movies are my first love, travel is a close second. This page chronicles some of those travels:

Ode to Cairo, 2024

The Drug Mule, or a Trip from San Antonio to Piedras Negras, 2024


Stay tuned to this page in the near future for more literary explorations of my odd and eclectic adventures around the United States and elsewhere, including my recently completed quest to visit all 50 U.S. states and all 10 Canadian provinces. I can’t promise you Kerouac, but my road stories might be worth a read. And also visit my Travel Photography.

I’d also encourage you to visit the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA), for which I serve as executive editor. It’s the largest online archive of people from across the globe speaking English in their native accent or dialect (in addition to, in some cases, other languages), and it also serves as a great travel companion and cultural inspiration. For travel enthusiasts, the Global Map is particularly interesting. And check out the All 50 States Club too.