Movie Lists

Below is an index of my movie lists. When applicable, entries contain links to reviews of those movies. (Most of these lists are in PDF form. Saving and distributing them is a violation of copyright.)

Most movies with French, Spanish, Italian, German or Portuguese as their principal language are alphabetized by their original, non-English title. Movies with English titles beginning with “A,” “An” or “The” are alphabetized under the letter that begins the title’s second word. For a guide to colors and symbols, see the Movie Key.



By Star Rating: See how the films rank and rate according to a 0-5 star rating. The list includes the year released and director.

By Year: Examine each year from 1911 to today, with films ranked in order of quality in each of those years.

A-Z: See an alphabetical listing of all films, along with the year released, director and star rating.

By Director: This unique list ranks the films of some of the greatest, most famous and most influential directors, along with the years of their films’ releases and star ratings.

By Genre: Explore various top-10 lists, organized by genre.



By Star Rating



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