Who is Cameron Meier?

Welcome to MeierMovies, and thanks for indulging me while I wax egotistical. I am a film critic whose reviews and entertainment news articles appear on this site and have run regularly in the past in The Orlando Weekly and other Euclid Media publications such as The Detroit Metro Times and The San Antonio Current. My movie, theatre and art reviews have appeared in numerous other publications as well, including Sunshine Artist Magazine (where I was editor from 2004 to 2010) and Jacksonville Folio Weekly, and on websites such as OrlandoCityBeat.com, now part of The Orlando Sentinel. I am a member of the Florida Film Critics Circle and am certified on Rotten Tomatoes.

When not covering film, I am serving as vice president of Paul Meier Dialect Services, a company devoted to dialect and accent instruction for actors in film, television, theatre and voice-over; and as executive editor of the International Dialects of English Archive, for which I’m chief copy and sound editor. In addition, I have served as a festival juror and judge for such events as the Love Your Shorts Film Festival, the Orlando and Tampa 48 Hour Film Projects, Filmapalooza (part of the 48 Hour Film Project) and the Enzian Theater’s Brouhaha Film & Video Showcase.

Cameron at Paramount Studios

Cameron at Paramount Studios in 2015

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been crazy about film, and I have my parents, Paul and Marilyn, to thank first for that. I was also fortunate enough to work for the Walt Disney Company, at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom (as Fantasyland art/show coordinator, with a particular emphasis on the historic carousel) and at the Disney-MGM Studios, where I spent many days on the soundstage floor. That latter experience, right out of high school, certainly helped shape my love for film. Spending time in Los Angeles – especially on the Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony and Paramount lots – has also fueled my passion, as have my enriching experiences at festivals such as Florida, Sarasota and Telluride. (At the latter event, I was able to spend time with one of my film-critic mentors, Leonard Maltin.)

I’m indebted to friends, colleagues and acquaintances who have fueled my love of film. I should specifically acknowledge fellow movie enthusiastic and friend Chester Maple, who was my accomplice during many soundstage and backlot adventures, and Jim DeSantis of Movie Brain Rot (where you can hear my podcasts), who has introduced me to countless B movies, exploitation flicks and low-budget horrors. Also deserving a hearty thanks are the actors, directors and crew I worked with back in my theatre days. (I don’t perform anymore, but I do still dabble in theatrical reviews.)

I have a degree in journalism (news/editorial, with an emphasis in film, theatre and art criticism) from the University of Kansas. (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!) I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to my journalism teachers at both KU and Lawrence High School — including Paul Jess, Ted Frederickson and Cheryl Nelsen — who instilled in me a respect for reputable journalism. And though it feels like a lifetime ago, I’m also grateful for my experiences as a copy editor at Gould Publications, The Topeka Capital-Journal and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Fort Wayne News-Sentinel. (I still say I’m a slightly better editor than writer.)

Cameron and Dan Aykroyd 2009

Cameron and Dan Aykroyd in 2009

I hope you find this site insightful and the information contained therein useful in discovering films you’d like to watch, or watch again. If it points you in the direction of a film that changes your life or affects you deeply, I have done my job. (And if you disagree with my ratings, my name is Leonard Maltin.) I welcome constructive comments, suggestions and feedback at MeierMovies@aol.com.