An Odyssey of Horror

This feature-length documentary/compilation, which I created in 2019, attempts to redefine what we think of as horror. Using brief clips of classic horror scenes — from not just horror and suspense movies but also animation, documentary, drama and even comedy — the movie juxtaposes themes, stories, horror tropes and editing techniques to put a new spin on the horror genre. Pay special attention to similarities between films, including the use of what I refer to as the Frankenstein shot (medium shot cut to close-up cut to extreme close-up, in rapid succession). The film is divided into two parts, with commentary at the start of each part.



© 2019 MeierMovies, LLC. All copyrighted clips are featured through fair use and are intended for commentary and educational purposes only. I encourage you to purchase the films in their entirety. The MeierMovies production logo uses Roundhay Garden Scene by pioneering filmmaker Louis Le Prince. That clip is used by special permission of Britain’s National Media Museum/Science & Society Picture Library, which is instrumental in the preservation and recognition of film. For more information on Le Prince, click here.