Theatre Reviews

HiResAlthough this site is dedicated to movies, my first cultural love was really theatre. Raised in a theatre family, I grew up in and around the community theatre in my hometown of Paducah, Kentucky, acting, doing tech work and absorbing the atmosphere. Those early experiences fostered my participation in theatre at the university level (at Austin Peay State University and the University of Kansas). Though I slowly transitioned to journalism (and film criticism), I still return to theatre occasionally — as a reviewer. I also am still absorbed in the world of theatre through my work as vice president of Paul Meier Dialect Services and executive editor of The International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA). (I’m particularly proud of playing a very small part in bringing back to life the Original Pronunciation of Shakespeare’s day.)

I provide here a small sampling of my theatre reviews, all of which cover productions in Orlando, Florida. The articles were written for either The Orlando Weekly or (now part of The Orlando Sentinel). Articles are copyrighted by the publications in which they originally appeared and/or MeierMovies, LLC, and cannot be reproduced or reposted online without written permission. All content (except, when noted, copyrighted photos) is by Cameron Meier. Productions appear in alphabetical order.


Art (Mad Cow Theatre; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

Best Picture (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2015)

Blonde Poison (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

Bullshot Crummond (Vine Theatre; Orlando, Florida; 2004)

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Mad Cow Theatre; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Chocolate Cake (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

Cock (Mad Cow Theatre; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Decades Rewind (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

Doubt, A Parable (Beth Marshall Production at the Garden Theatre; Winter Garden, Florida; 2015)

Ferdinand (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2015)

The Glass Menagerie (Mad Cow Theatre; Orlando, Florida; 2000)

Glory Days (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (DiDonna Production at Lowndes Shakespeare Center; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Hay Fever (Theatre Downtown; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Jett Backpack and the Battle at the End of the Universe (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2013)

Killer Joe (Theatre Downtown; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Lay, Ms. (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2015)

Mark Twain’s Is Shakespeare Dead? (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Murder Sleep (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

Nashville Hurricane (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2018)

No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

Orlando International Fringe Festival 2001 (Downtown Orlando, Florida; 2001)

Orlando International Fringe Festival 2005 (Lowndes Shakespeare Center; Orlando, Florida; 2005)

Orlando International Fringe Festival 2014 Preview (Lowndes Shakespeare Center; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

7 (x1) Samurai (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2015)

Simpleton: The Legend of President Trump (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2016)

6 Guitars (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2015)

Snack (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2017)

Table Manners (Mad Cow Theatre; Orlando, Florida; 2014)

Taking it Up the Notch (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2017)

Teaching Shakespeare (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2013)

13 Dead Dreams of “Eugene” (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida, 2018)

Tiger Tail (Theatre Downtown; Orlando, Florida; 2013)

Title and Deed (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2018)

“We Burned Down the White House” and other Canadian Folk Songs (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2017)

Who, Me (Orlando Fringe; Orlando, Florida; 2017)