the-onion-logoEnraged Tarantino Assaults Local Film Critic

Beating Receives One Out Of Five Stars

NEWS IN BRIEF • Entertainment • Film • Film Festivals • Critics and Reviews • ISSUE 51•13 • Mar 30, 2015

Cameron at Paramount Studios cropped1390411173-tarantino_yellingORLANDO, FL – “Honestly, I think he could have done better,” claims local film critic Cameron Meier, in reference to the vicious brawl that took place Tuesday night, between Meier and Director/Actor/Screenwriter/Producer/Craft Service Advisor Quentin Tarantino. Meier took some heat in 2012 for his less-than-complimentary review of Tarantino’s Oscar-winning Django Unchained.   “I received death threats,” Meier claimed, his words garbled by a split lip and swollen jaw.

The acclaimed director arrived in Orlando earlier in the week to promote his latest film, More Django Unchained, when he caught wind of the comments made by Meier, and sought him out at a local café where Meier was drinking his daily pre-cruel-review Sazerac. “He grabbed me, threw me across the table, and started to hit me. The whole time, I’m thinking ‘here’s a man who brought us some of the most violent scenes in modern cinema, and THIS is what he’s giving me? Where is the razor to cut off my ear? Where is the Mexican stand-off?!’ The beating left much to be desired. I mean, after three or four punches, I was still conscious.”

Tarantino could not be reached for comment, and when Meier was asked if he was going to press charges, he had this to say: “I just hope he takes a lesson away from this, honestly, one-star-out-of-five beat-down. The next time he commits something to celluloid, I hope he will pull no punches. No pun intended.” — jlc

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