Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice Through the Looking Glass, 2016, 2 stars


Alice Through

Image copyright The Walt Disney Company

By Cameron “Frabjous” Meier

‘Twas Disney in its slithy realm
Who thought a sequel they’d create.
So Tim Burton they asked to helm,
And mouse and man did bloviate.

Beware the Moviecrap, my son!
The script that stinks, the actors who suck.
Beware Johnny Depp and shun
Sacha Baron Cohen’s murky muck.

Burton took his producer’s sword in hand –
Longtime a new director he sought.
So rested he by the soundstage tree
And pondered who could be bought.

And as if an amateurish dolt he sought:
James Bobin, with brain so lame,
Came crapping through the turgid plot,
Lewis Carroll imitation but a game.

Action, cut! Action, cut! And through and through
His subpar direction went snicker-snack.
He left quality dead, and with it threw
The whole CGI mess on the editor’s back.

“And has thou done thy very best,
Shown wonder and magic and the Cheshire Cat?”
Burton begged Bobin to confess.
“Nay,” brayed Bobin. “This flick fell flat.”

And though the film be pretty in contortions
Proceed, oh audience, with utmost dread,
For cinematic logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead.


From The Orlando Weekly, June 1, 2016
© 2016 Orlando Weekly / MeierMovies, LLC

For the original Jabberwocky, see Wikipedia. And thank you, Grace Slick.