Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm  TV/Web/NT, 2020, 3 ½ stars

New Borat moviefilm make glorious televisual

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Exclusive to MeierMovies, October 21, 2020

Note: The following is a guest review, contributed to MeierMovies by one of Kazakhstan’s top film critics.

This Nurlan Celluloidski, Kazakhstan’s #5 journalist. Much thank to American interwebs for allow to publish review of glorious new Borat moviefilm.

Fourteen year ago, Borat Margaret Sagdiyev travel to US&A. He explore American culture, introduce West to Kazakh worldview and attempt fondle Yankee pussy. With this endeavors, he try make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan. He fail.

But now, in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, he given second chance by Kazakh premier to restore dignity of our country. This achieve by presenting Yankee vice premier Michael Pence, America’s #1 ladies man, with gift of Kazakhstan’s biggest cultural export and acclaim porn star, Jonny the Monkey. But when monkey accidentally eat himself, Borat attempt save mission by offering instead his own daughter. Excite!

I acclaim this moviefilm, and you will acclaim too. It funny, touching and patriotic, with just right amount of anti-Semitism. But it also totally outrage, with adult conversings and image of moon-blood vagin. Thus, not recommend for children under age of 3. Further, I told it capture what pretentious American writer call “zeitgeist,” though I wonder why Borat no choose to discuss Kazakhstan top international business partner, Joseph Biden.

So tune to Amazon Premier Video for this moviefilm that tackle everything from Premier McDonald Trump to election interfere to the real begin of Wuhan flu. It make glorious mock of everything, and want offend everyone! Expect many defamation lawsuit! Sexy time!

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