Curtain closes on original Netflix

Exclusive to MeierMovies, September 29, 2023

Today is the final day that Netflix will mail DVDs and Blu-rays. After 25 years, the original Netflix is no more. (You still have a few weeks to mail back your discs, or you can choose to keep them.)

For my thoughts on this sad day, see my April 20 article. For further cultural context, check out this article, and this one from The New York Times.

I’ve been getting Netflix discs for 16 years, since September 2007. That’s 1,466 titles, roughly 1,350 of those being feature films (and the rest shows or collections of short films). That means that of the 4,488 feature films I’ve watched throughout my life (or at least those I remember watching and rating), I saw almost a third of them through the Netflix disc program. It will be missed.

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