A kinder, gentler Fringe

FerdinandOrlando Fringe, Orlando, Florida

From The Orlando Weekly, May 13, 2015

The world can be a harsh, violent place, and because Fringe (and, indeed, all art) reflects that world, it can often be equally brutal. Balancing that brutality is Ferdinand, a sweet, simple story of a single father coping with life’s obstacles while guiding his young son on a path of kindness, gentleness and sensitivity.

Inspired by the Munro Leaf children’s book (and subsequent Oscar-winning Disney cartoon) about a bull who preferred smelling the flowers to competing in bullfights, this one-man show written by Heather Bagnall and performed by Luke Tudball is a joy. Though the British actor mounted a similar production at Edinburgh Fringe, this marks the world premiere of this show, and though, at just 45 minutes, it feels a tad slight, it’s a great choice for children, and for adults who remain kids at heart. The production still has a few audio kinks to work out, as the background music can be distracting, but its overwhelming sweetness combined with Tudball’s strong stage presence turns its shortcomings into trifles.


Tasty Monster Productions – United Kingdom
Venue: Red
Length: 45 minutes
Rating: 7+
Price: $8 (+svc. charge)


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