The Munsters

The Munsters TV/Web/NT, 2022, ½ star

Stinky Munster  cheese

Exclusive to MeierMovies, October 2, 2022

They say the world needs more kindness. That’s true. But sometimes the kindest thing one can do for people is tell them the truth.

With that in mind, Rob Zombie: Your movie stinks. Not only is The Munsters the worst movie of the year, but your wife, Sherri Moon Zombie, as Lily Munster, delivers one of the worst performances in a major motion picture in the last decade. And, regrettably, Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman and Daniel Roebuck as the Count (Grandpa) aren’t much better, as they lack most of the charm and nuance of Fred Gwynne and Al Lewis, who originated the roles.

The film serves as an origin story for the Munster family, who featured in the 1960s CBS sitcom of the same name. The idea to give the characters a movie might have initially been a good one, but the result is badly written, ill conceived, unfunny, poorly acted, tone deaf, overlong and amateurish. And though writer-director Zombie was admittedly trying to emulate the kitschy charm of the original show, this cheese stinks.

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