Warner Brothers Studios

This 110-acre lot in Burbank includes the tallest sound stage in the United States, the only “jungle” backlot in Los Angeles, the lagoon used to film the opening of The Muppet Movie, the set of Friends, a traditional town square that’s been used in many TV shows and movies including The Music Man and East of Eden, and props and costumes from the Harry Potter films, the Batman films and Casablanca. Click photos to enlarge. (All photos are copyright Cameron Meier and may not be used without written permission and copyright credit.)

I’m thankful for the opportunity I received to tour the lot, and I was especially honored by the chance to meet and have lunch with actress and author Cass Warner, granddaughter of studio co-founder Harry Warner.

WB water towerDSC00037DSC00042 DSC00043DSC00055 DSC00058 DSC00059DSC00066 DSC00067 DSC00068DSC00072DSC00078WB BatmanDSC00085 Harry Potter 1The Sorting HatWB Stage 6 WB Stage 15 WB Stage 19