‘Sharknado’ hits Orlando

Sharknado 3From The Orlando Weekly, February 23, 2015

Sharknado fever has gripped Orlando! OK, that’s admittedly a line more suited to the famous SyFy Network movie series than the legitimate journalism of The Orlando Weekly. Nevertheless, Asylum Pictures has taken over parts of Universal Orlando’s theme parks and production facilities this week to film the third installment in the campy comedy-thriller series.

In Sharknado 3, the rebellious fishies will again threaten humanity, but this time they have Washington, D.C., and Orlando in their sights. And once again they’re being brought to life by director Anthony Ferrante, writer Thunder Levin and cinematographer Ben Demaree. Ian Ziering and Tara Reid are also returning along with several other Sharknado veterans.

As with Sharknado 2: The Second One, expect a few surprises, and keep your eyes peeled for local notables. Who knows, you might even spot one of your friends as an extra, since Asylum sent out a casting call for “park patrons,” “bikini girls” and “soldiers.”

The Weekly is privy to this guppy gossip thanks to the generosity of Universal public relations department and the Sharknado crew members themselves, who invited me onto the set on February 20. But to avoid being fed to the sharks myself, I had to promise not to reveal any information or share any photos yet. However, rest assured that The Weekly and MeierMovies will be your source for all the behind-the-scenes goodies when the movie airs in July.

Orlando filming will likely continue through February 24, with Universal being the only location.

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