TV/web films join theatrical releases

Frequent visitors to MeierMovies will notice a big change today. In a sign of the times, I have merged my small TV/web/streaming film list with my big theatrical-release one. This means you will no longer have to view a separate list to find films that never received a cinematic release. Instead, all movies will be […]

Best films of 2021?

As 2021 comes to a close, all movie fans — especially film critics — feel pressure to reveal their lists of the year’s best films. But I’ll let you in on a little secret: Many critics haven’t seen enough good films by December 31 to form an accurate list. And, sadly, that includes members of […]

FFCC anoints ‘The Power of the Dog’

The Florida Film Critics Circle, of which I am a proud member, recently declared Jane Campion’s The Power of the Dog the best film of 2021. I’m also glad that Fran Kranz’s Mass and Paolo Sorrentino’s È Stata la Mano di Dio (The Hand of God) were recognized. All three films are excellent. For full […]

Revisiting the best (and worst) Christmas films

You weren’t waiting for it. You didn’t ask for it. … Yes, it’s that time of year when I again force my Christmas movie lists upon you! Created in 2018, here is my list of the 12 best Christmas films of all time. That list was preceded, ignominiously, in 2017 by my grinchy ranking of […]

New film reviews … and Beatles doc

With the rising tide of good films, it’s no surprise that the creative output of film critics is finally getting back to normal. My own output is slowly returning to pre-pandemic normal. For my latest, visit my Movie Reviews page or my list of the top films of the year. And for a foray into […]

What the Buzz!?

Dear Disney, I appreciate the talented craftspeople behind the upcoming Lightyear movie. But Buzz is a toy. His origin story is his manufacture in a factory. (Didn’t you see the first Toy Story movie?) And Buzz is voiced by Tim Allen. Please stop messing up great movies and theme-park attractions. Sincerely, Your Pal, Cameron

Short films from Manhattan to Mumbai

Last night I attended the Manhattan Short Film Festival at Maitland, Florida’s Enzian Theater, one of the hundreds of cinemas worldwide screening the event from September 23 through October 3. (Go here to learn more about the fest and find a cinema near you.) Manhattan Short began in 1998 with a screen attached to the […]

Catching up on classics

Though I’m still taking a break (sort of) from film criticism, I continue to watch a lot of films — mostly older ones. (Thanks, TCM and Netflix discs.) Two I’m ashamed to admit I had never seen are Silkwood and Performance. The former (4 stars on 0-5 scale), from 1983, proves once again that director […]

Telluride: Gotta be vaxxed

The Telluride Film Festival announced yesterday that it is requiring that all attendees at indoor theaters at the 2021 festival show proof of a COVID vaccination. Festival passholders are being asked to upload their vaccination cards in advance. There’s no word yet on whether the festival will accept medical exceptions and/or proof of a negative […]

A nod to Ned

When I learned of the passing of Ned Beatty earlier this month, at age 83, I couldn’t help feeling that a large part of the 1970s had died. That might sound odd considering Beatty never rose to the level of Pacino, Hoffman, Nicholson or the other male actors who defined that decade. Beatty instead carved […]


Though I’m taking a sabbatical from film reviewing, I’m still watching movies. And I’ve just reached a milestone: 4,000 theatrically released feature films. Of course, it’s impossible for any individual to know the exact number of films he or she has watched during a lifetime. But I’ve done my best. And my feature lists now […]

Goodbye, for now

I’ve decided to take a step back from film criticism, at least for a while. For more on my decision, go here. As always, thanks to all of you who have supported my writing.

Bill Maher’s take on the Oscars

The Academy Awards will be held on April 25 in Los Angeles. Eschewing other recent awards shows’ Zoom formats, the ceremony will be in-person, at both the Dolby Theatre and Union Station in Los Angeles. However, it will be intimate, with the only attendees being nominees, presenters and their guests. The in-person format seems to […]

30th Florida Film Festival underway

The 30th annual Florida Film Festival has begun at the Enzian Theater in Maitland, Florida. It continues through April 22. Click here for an overview of the festival. And don’t miss my reviews and analysis of the feature films and the shorts.

Stop monkeying around with Kong

In the inane tradition of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and following in the giant footsteps of 1962’s King Kong vs. Godzilla, Warner Brothers and director Adam Wingard are giving us the film we never knew we didn’t need: Godzilla vs. Kong. But to make the contest more fair, Kong is being upsized, ridiculously […]

Regal reopening in April

Regal Cinemas — which, as part of London-based Cineworld, is the world’s second-largest cinema company — will begin reopening its theaters in the United States in April, the company announced today. Regal, which has been closed since early October, will finally be joining the other two “big three” cinema chains, AMC and Cinemark, which have […]

Thoughts on Woody Allen

With a new HBO documentary series rekindling interest in Woody Allen, I have some thoughts on the legendary writer-director. Though I confine those thoughts mostly to his filmmaking career — and his 2019 film A Rainy Day in New York — I felt it was important to comment on the larger issues raised by the […]

Alamo Drafthouse files for bankruptcy

The Alamo Drafthouse movie chain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. For more information, see my recent article.

‘Excess within control’

“Remember, stay ahead of them. Keep the mystery, always the mystery. Excess within control.” Rest in peace, Christopher Plummer, a.k.a. William Fawcett Robinson, one of our finest actors. 1929-1912-2021.

2020: The year in review

Before finally bidding farewell to 2020 and ushering in a new (and I hope better) year, let’s take a look back at the last 12 months in film with my annual year-in-review article.

FFCC announces awards, honors Enzian

The Florida Film Critics Circle has released our annual awards. Click here for a full list of the winners. For our Golden Orange award, we have selected the Enzian Theater, in Maitland, Florida. The press release reads: “The Florida Film Critics Circle also awards the Golden Orange each year to a person, film, or organization […]

Love/hate relationship with ‘Mank’

David Fincher’s Mank (2 stars on 0-5 scale), a largely imagined retelling of Herman Mankiewicz’s life (and relationship with Orson Welles during the writing of Citizen Kane), is now streaming on Netflix following a limited theatrical release earlier this year. I can’t remember ever disliking a film so intensely while simultaneously loving the look and […]

Christmastime is here again

In this weird, unconventional year that has seen movie releases delayed and cinemas closed, we still can rely on some old holiday standards to see us through. For my list of the top 12 Christmas films of all time, go here. But if you’re in a nihilistic mood, you might check out my four worst […]

A historic podcast

As a film historian, I’ve always been fascinated with the dawn of cinema. But this month I turn my attention to the dawn of recorded sound, as I was proud to be a guest on my dad’s In a Manner of Speaking podcast. We discuss, along with Patrick Feaster of, the earliest recordings of […]

A picture is worth …

Darkness, accompanied by a fittingly titled movie poster, greets passersby of a Regal cinema in Winter Park, Florida.

Halloween: The Ranking of Michael Myers

Ready for a Halloween marathon? Before you indulge, check out my ranking of all 11 films in the franchise here.

I was MIFFed

I got really MIFFed last weekend. Specifically, I attended the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival (MIFF), in Melbourne, Florida. Read my summary of the festival here.

Love (of film) in the time of coronavirus

Can we love film and theatre like we love sports? I ponder that question here.

Regal closing again

With the continued postponement of major studio releases and audiences reluctant to return, Regal Cinemas — the second-largest chain in the United States — has announced it is closing all 536 American locations temporarily, again. Regal’s parent company, Cineworld, will also be shuttering its 127 cinemas in the United Kingdom. The timetable for reopening is […]

Short takes on three recent films

As we reflect on the year in cinema that should have been, let’s take a closer look at three films that deserved bigger releases: Onward, The Hunt and Waiting for the Barbarians. Check out my short takes on each of these films here.

AMC reopening, turning back time

AMC, the world’s largest chain of movie theaters, will begin reopening its American cinemas on August 20. And to entice moviegoers back — and to commemorate a piece of its own history — the chain will sell tickets for just 15 cents, which was the average ticket price in 1920, the year company founders Maurice, […]

Florida Film Festival underway

The 29th annual Florida Film Festival — the first major movie event in the Southeast United States since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic — runs August 7-20 in Maitland, Florida. For details, go here. And click here for my reviews. Update: The festival has added an additional day. It will now run through August […]

Old Hollywood has died: Olivia de Havilland, 104, is gone

To paraphrase Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind: It’s a historic moment. You can tell your grandchildren how you watched Old Hollywood disappear one night. Olivia de Havilland, the last major star of the Golden Age of movies, has died at age 104. The legendary actress is perhaps best remembered for co-starring in GWTW, the highest-grossing film of all time, adjusted […]

What’s on, what’s not during pandemic

Confused by all the recent cancellations and schedule changes from cinemas and film festivals? Me too. Here’s a brief summary of what’s open and what’s closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Black voices

Many of us have recently been reevaluating how we view Black voices and culture in America. For me, this reevaluation has taken two forms. First, as executive editor of the International Dialects of English Archive (IDEA), I’ve refocused my efforts on finding more African-American subjects, and I’ve encouraged our editors to do the same, while […]

Telluride Film Festival canceled

The 2020 Telluride Film Festival has been canceled, event organizers announced today. Considered one of the world’s top four fall festivals, the cancellation of Telluride due to COVID-19 will likely affect other movie events in the coming months, including the other three majors: Toronto, New York and Venice. (Venice, the world’s oldest film festival, and […]

Carl Reiner, the 98-year-old man

Hats off today to Carl Reiner, who just passed away at the age of 98. He didn’t make it to 2,000 — like the character in his and Mel Brooks’ famous sketch — but his life and accomplishments nevertheless deserve accolades. For more on Reiner’s life, see CNN.

Florida cinemas beginning to reopen

It’s been a long three months for cinephiles, but movie houses — at least in Florida — are starting to reopen. Check out my latest article here.


One way I’m passing the time during the coronavirus pandemic is to watch every single episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. (Expect my ranking of the top 20 episodes later this year.) This smorgasbord of suspense has led me to rediscover two Hollywood icons: Nehemiah Persoff and Norman Lloyd. They both worked on Hitchcock’s show, Persoff […]

Short Film of the Day

As we practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s increasingly important to bring the world together through our most popular and accessible art form: cinema. With this in mind, I’ve created this Short Film of the Day feature. Enjoy.

Film industry faces Coronavirus

For an update on how the film industry is addressing Coronavirus, go here. This article specifically discusses the postponement of the Florida Film Festival and similar events.

Love Your Shorts underway in Sanford

The 10th annual Love Your Shorts Film Festival kicked off last night in Sanford, Florida, and will continue today and tomorrow. Read my Orlando Weekly article for more information. Congratulations to Age of Bryce, directed by Brian Elliott. The audience at the Opening Night group of films picked the coming-of-age comedy as the best of […]

Oscar 2020 predictions

Which films will win Oscars on Sunday night? And which movies deserve to win? Find out here.

All Oscar-nominated films ranked

If you missed my summary of this year’s Oscar shorts, check it out here. And for rankings and/or reviews of all the features nominated for best film at the 2020 Academy Awards (in addition to rankings and/or reviews of about 100 others), visit my Yearly list.

The death of a (Foxy) icon

Sadly, the Walt Disney Company has decided to rename the iconic 20th Century Fox Studios, apparently to avoid confusion with Fox Corporation, which is now a separate entity. The new name is simply 20th Century Studios (and Searchlight Pictures). Ironically, the death of the classic name means the rebirth of the original name, 20th Century […]

The death of auteur theory?

The Critics’ Choice Awards just proclaimed Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood as the best film of 2019 while awarding (in a tie) best director to Sam Mendes for 1917 and Bong Joon Ho for Parasite. So much for auteur theory. And in another baffling move, the Critics Choice Association gave best editing […]

Heaven can’t wait :'(

The best films of 2019 and the decade

As 2019 and the decade are coming to an end, best-film lists are compulsory. Here’s mine.

Tampa Theatre wins Golden Orange

The Tampa Theatre has won the Florida Film Critics Circle’s Jay Boyar Golden Orange Award for 2019. The historic movie palace was selected by the members of the Circle, upon the recommendation of Cameron Meier, for its contributions to the culture of Central Florida and its support of arthouse cinema. The award is particularly well […]

Short takes on December films

Need a brief rundown of what to see and avoid in December? Check out some of my mini-reviews, plus links to full critiques.