BAFTA: Diversify, or else!

The decision by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) to limit award eligibility to productions that embrace diversity is a scary one. (See Though most of us recognize the value of diversity – racial, gender, social, cultural – enforcing diversity or condemning those who don’t embrace a “correct” point of view is something straight out of Brave New World or the McCarthy era.

Encouraging creativity and involvement from people of all backgrounds and colors is a positive step, but enforcing a particular standard on everyone opens a Pandora’s box that contains censorship, a devaluation of quality and, yes, even racism. It’s another victory for political correctness and the “tolerance or else” mentality. I hope BAFTA will reconsider its decision and work toward a less heavy-handed version of inclusiveness.

And let’s not forget the damaging words of Production Code enforcer Will Hays, which bear an odd irony today: “The code sets up high standards of performance by motion picture producers. You want entertainment: wholesome, interesting and vital.”

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