I couldn’t wait for ‘The End’ to end

A lot of people, including many of my friends and the majority of film critics, seem to like This is the End. I found it self-indulgent, pretentious, overly crude and just plain unfunny. Though it’s not the worst comedy I’ve seen in the last couple of years, it’s another one in a long line of sophomoric films that seem to have been conceived and written by 14-year-old boys with a fascination with violence, the word “fuck” and penis references. Although I’m all for turning off your brain every once in a while and just having a good laugh – and I can think of some much better recent films that allow you to do that – it saddens me that mainstream adult comedies, with some exceptions, have lost almost all of their subtle wit and intelligence.

Oh, and James Franco, I still think James Franco the Duck, from Ted, is a better actor than you.

1 star (0-5 scale)


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