Best film series of all time?

If you were to make a list of the best movie series and/or franchises of all time, where would you start? Sure, most of us would place The Godfather Trilogy up there, along with the Star Wars films. But what comes after those? I believe you have to consider the quality of each movie in the series plus how well they work together to create a prolonged feel of time, place, character and emotion. It’s probably wise to deduct a few points if one or more of the films is poor (the Indiana Jones series comes to mind, despite the greatness of Raiders of the Lost Ark), while one should award a series points if all films are good (Harry Potter, for instance, although none of the Potter films quite rises to the level of Raiders). Sheer numbers should be looked at, as in the James Bond series, but in the end that matters little. If numbers were the top criteria, the Halloween and Friday the 13th series would dominate, but, of course, they don’t – at least not on my list – because they are, frankly, mostly crap. So that leads me to MY latest list: the top 10 movie series/franchises of all time. For that, see the very last list of the Genres page. Enjoy!

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