A brief thought on the Disney-Fox deal

William Fox, meet Walt Disney.

There’s a lot to digest in the sale of most of 20th Century Fox to Disney, but I was struck by the fact that although Disney is taking over the movie production, the historic movie lot (begun by William Fox in 1928 as the first production facility in Los Angeles designed expressly for sound films) will remain with Murdoch’s Fox company. The lot is a fraction of the size it was at its height in the 1940s, but it’s sad to think that the old soundstages will probably be devoted to mostly news, sports and other television content now, and not movies (unless other companies rent them). It remains to be seen how the classic 20th Century Fox production logo and fanfare will be used, although, theoretically, there’s now nothing stopping Disney from placing that logo at the beginning of the next Star Wars film, unless the deal stipulates that the “20th Century Fox” name and logo is still owned by the portion of the company retained by Murdoch.

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