Golden Glob

Dear Hollywood Foreign Press,

I’d like to introduce you to a little movie that you apparently didn’t see. It’s called First Reformed. Also, in what universe is Black Panther and Blackkklansman better than Roma? (It actually seems like you might agree with me on that last point, as you nominated Roma for best director and best screenplay but NOT best drama. That makes a lot of sense.) You also showed surprisingly little love for First Man.

For all the insanity, see the list of nominations for this year’s Golden Globes, and then compare it to my own work-in-progress list of 2018. (But please keep in mind that, as of this blog posting, I had not yet seen Vice or Mary Poppins Returns.)

One Response to “Golden Glob”
  1. Cameron Meier says:

    They’ve ignored five of the best performances of the year: Toni Colette in “Hereditary,” Julia Roberts in “Ben is Back,” Ethan Hawke in “First Reformed,” Ryan Gosling in “First Man” and Hugh Jackman in “The Front Runner.”