Bill Maher’s take on the Oscars

The Academy Awards will be held on April 25 in Los Angeles. Eschewing other recent awards shows’ Zoom formats, the ceremony will be in-person, at both the Dolby Theatre and Union Station in Los Angeles. However, it will be intimate, with the only attendees being nominees, presenters and their guests.

The in-person format seems to be an attempt to get things back to normal and boost ratings, which have fallen off a cliff for other awards shows because, predictably, Zoom sessions just aren’t that exciting or enjoyable. Speaking of not enjoyable, I present Bill Maher’s take on this year’s Oscars. Though I’m a personal champion of both The Father and Minari, Maher’s satirical point is well taken and, as always, thoroughly refreshing.

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And if you liked Maher’s analysis of this year’s Oscar nominees, you might enjoy his commentary on the Academy’s 2020 decision to require that nominees for best picture adhere to diversity quotes. Go here for that clip.

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