Getting short at Sundance


Though it saddens me that the Sundance Film Festival went completely virtual this year, the silver lining is more people are able to see the movies. As for me, I’m binging the shorts.

If you want some quick recommendations, I suggest Bestia, a darkly disturbing but visually arresting animated tale of suffering, directed by Hugo Covarrubias; Écoutez le Battement de Nos Images (Listen to the Beat of Our Images), a documentary about the conflict between technological advancement and native-land rights, directed by Audrey and Maxime Jean-Baptiste; Stranger than Rotterdam with Sara Driver, a doc (featuring hand-drawn puppets) about the unlikely creation of Jim Jarmusch’s first feature film, directed by Lewie and Noah Kloster; Zoon, a beautifully surreal animated misadventure directed by Jonatan Schwenk; and Training Wheels, a comedy for every person who feels like he or she was absent from school on the day we learned about dating, directed by and starring Alison Rich in one of the festival’s most endearing and funny performances. But the most brutal and memorable short might be Joey Izzo’s Youve Never Been Completely Honest, a partially animated doc about the business seminar from hell.

For ratings of more than 2,600 short films from 1888 to today, check out my lists of short films, which you can find indexed at the bottom of my Movie Lists page.

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